VRayScatter For Maya 3.0.0

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VRayScatter For Maya 3.0.0

Postby bdancer » Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:19 pm

VRayScatter For Maya 3.0.0


NOTE: Check the updated documentation, you will have to copy some additional mel files to Maya and remove some outdated plugins.

Changelog for 3.0.0:
[add] New instancing types
[add] "Instance" instancing type uses new algorithm uses less RAM and is significantly faster for amounts more then 100,000.
[add] "Node" instancing type allows scattering of displaced or smoothed geometry. This mode also provides motion blur when using animated VRayProxy and could be rendered using VRay RT.
[add] "VRayScatter Texture" documentation
[fix]: New menu was breaking the whole Create menu when plugin was marked "Auto load".

Changelog for 2.3.0:
[add] New locator shape
[add] Viewport 2.0 support
[add] Buttons in AETemplate now shows connection state
[add] RenderStats options
[add] Obility to disable Light Linker
[add] Creation command now located in "R&D Group" submenu (getting ready for "VRayPattern for Maya" release =)
[fix] Useless transform was added to scene when creating VRayScatter node
[fix] Seed issue (issue)
[fix] DR master looses objects (issue)
[fix] Animation changes object positions

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