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Re: MultiScatter

Post by anvar » Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:28 pm

GeoffKornfeld wrote:Is it just me or is Multiscatter running super slow with the new VRay 3.3 service pack?

we don't have other reports yet, and our own tests are fine do far
but please send us some more information, or even the scene if possible, to have a look

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Re: MultiScatter

Post by Crayox » Fri May 06, 2016 11:39 am

Guys I still can't erase with the paint tool. I can subobject and select/erase, but painting erase is so much more helpfull sometimes when I have many different objects and I only want to delete certain objects.
This bug started when I switched to MAX 2015 a year ago, now it's still here with this new build.

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