Bug in DR

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Re: Bug in DR

Post by cecofuli » Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:26 pm

THanks, but with VRayScatter we don't have this problem.
right now, only with Multiscatter we have this "bug".
Are you sre that is a VRay DR bug?
Try to solve that problem with Vlado :)

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Re: Bug in DR

Post by joekid » Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:43 am

hi cecofuli and admin:
I got the same bug,but it happen in the simple scene. i use multiscatter 1.0.16 ,vray sp2,max 2009.
after first DR render always show
"warning: Render host ani-09 ( is currently busy"
"warning: Render host ani-09 ( is not responding"
then I restart max, merge all to a new scene,save the max then DR will working .
I uploaded the max ,please have a look.I was fixed by this BUG this days :cry: .please fix that for all of us 8-) .
I found another bug ,when put all of them in a group ,after render it will be create new group automatic.some time will popup vray error: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION.

[2010/Jun/27|14:45:44] Validity for node "Teapot01" is [forever], node handle is 3
[2010/Jun/27|14:45:44] Updating object MultiScatter_01, MultiScatter_002
[2010/Jun/27|14:45:44] Validity for node "MultiScatter_01" is [0, 0], node handle is 1
[2010/Jun/27|14:45:44] Updating object 3
[2010/Jun/27|14:45:44] Preparing instances
[2010/Jun/27|14:45:44] error: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: Preparing instances
Last marker is at .\src\vrayrenderer.cpp, line 2287: Preparing camera sampler
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