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Hi Icube

I've test some parameters from the first one you've send to me.

There is some great things, and some missing ones...
First of all, it's great to "paint" proxys, for a large plane we can paint everything without mask, and this is a really time saving option.

But, to use that completely, we need to control this paint, not only with an eraser but also with moves and rotation... When we paint proxys we cannot do that precisly, imagine my vision of this tool :
We can paint one proxy by clic or a flow with a continuous pressure clic, so it's done, BUT! we should select each instance and manipulate it to have a full control... Like the "polygon placement method", without that it simply cannot be used in pro... I cannot wait the good trick or random position of a proxy, no, i WANT it where i want, in the scale i want, in the direction i want...

But, it's a first step and it is a really good start!

Thanks again!
Take a tour on my website ;)
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