VraySpeedLight - our new development

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VraySpeedLight - our new development

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One of our latest developments is a light source rendering
optimisation. Usually, when using many light sources, V-Ray starts to
overload CPU resources. When reaching 30 light sources rendering may
become very slow.
Here are some outcomes of our development work:

With our plug-in there is no need to worry about the quantity of light
sources and how many polygons used.
Depending on distance and brightness of light sources the plug-in
calculates number of samples for each light source.
As a result rendering speed is increased not only at the final stage
but also at GI stage.
As an example the speed of rendering may increase up to 5-6 times when
rendering complicated scenes such as town visualisation at night time
or large interiors with many light sources.
The plug-in is created as a modifier which can be assigned to an object and the object becomes a source of light. The interface allows to define colour, intensity and subdivision. The subdivision becomes global for the whole scene.
Beta test as scheduled to start some times next week
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Re: VraySpeedLight - our new development

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Really interesting feature :) I've see it on chaosgroup forum, by karba. I'd like to see that plug working.
Take a tour on my website ;)
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