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Setting up a rendernode

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:53 pm
by RemcoNL
Hi all,

Just installed VrayScatter SP3a 64 bit for MAX 2010 and it works fine to me!

But now I have also a renderslave (also 64bit) and I want to know how to setup the rendernode with the file <VRayScatterSetup_SP3_RS64x.exe>. I assume that I go to the slave with that file and installed in the MAX directory of that slave, the same way I did with the installation of the normal license, the message says ok! but when rendering it fails, with disturbing buckets........ :o A double blind test of rendering the same file without VRayScatter tells me that the system setup is basicly alright, the workstation and the slave renders both the .max file.

Please help!

Remco van Blokland
Amsterdam - Holland

Re: Setting up a rendernode

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:40 pm
by admin
Installation for rendernodes.
1. Exit from 3dsmax
2. Run installation from RS distributive file ( ... scatter/3/)
That is all.
You can check rendernode by opening any file with vrayscatter on rendernode and render it.
Sometimes problems witn rendering on rendernode connected with wrong paths to vrayproxy (different path from workstation and rendernode - it have to be the same).

Re: Setting up a rendernode

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:41 pm
by RemcoNL
Sorry, I did not succed yet here..... :(

I have 1 WORKSTATION, and 1 RENDERSLAVE, they work together well with the normal use of MAX and VRay (distributed rendering). So no problem, I am aware of the place of the files/ materials and with the asset tracking I can give them the absolute \\WORKSTATION\ etc place to give them the place so the renderslave recognize the right place...... but

In the first place, is it nessesary that I place the file <VRayScatterSetup_SP3_RS64x.exe> first on the renderslave and than start the procedure or can it stay on the workstation, both options I tried.

When I start the file <VRayScatterSetup_SP3_RS64x.exe> I get a setup more or less the same as the setup for the workstation, it asks (after accept the licence agreement) the place of 3ds max 2010 destination (in my case); when installing from the workstation I cannot find the place of the installed MAX on the renderslave, that is you get in the first place an unreadeble folder....... and after three tries you see the directory and network structure, but it feels no ok....

then I go to the renderslave and when installing from the renderslave I can find the place of the root directory of the installed max 2010 on the slave..... and clicking setup it tells me setup is completed....... (the is the .dlo fil in de root dir of the max on the slave)

now, back to the workstation, make the max.... and no good result... what did I do wrong?
thanks for help, I do have screendumps for anyone who can help me.


Re: Setting up a rendernode

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:24 am
by trick
The vrayscatter.dlo should be in the VRayPlugins directory !

Re: Setting up a rendernode

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 11:45 am
by RemcoNL
HAHA, trick, thankyou - YOU! solved my problem.... after I placed the <vrayscatter.dlo> in the VRayPlugins directory of the renderslave it is working alright here :D :D :D :D

Well, in the first place I did install the normal vrayscatter in the workstation alright and it was working - then: install the rendernode also in the workstation and the vrayscatter.dlo was placed in the root of the c:\ at the workstation > and so after replacing that file into the upper mentioned place at the slave it works. Little bit strange and confusion, but ok. If that is the way it is than it is.......