Issue with CITYTRAFFIC and car pivot

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Issue with CITYTRAFFIC and car pivot

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First of all thank you for your citytraffic plug-in. I just bought it to use it in 3dsmax 2013.
I encounter a problem on my project, the vehicle dont follow my road, In the result my car explode in the air.
You can find a max test enclosed to this mail. Can you help me to resolve this issue.
Best regards
max 2013 test
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Re: Issue with CITYTRAFFIC and car pivot

Post by anvar »

while we are checking your file

here is some more troubleshooting info:

CityTraffic is based on the simulation close to real life physical properties so all dimensions and settings need to be physically correct
Some common setup problems:

* incorrect units and scale (e.g a bus cannot be 100 meters long)
* there must be a road for vehicles to drive on
* the road system need to be preferably looped
* the roads are too narrow
* pivot point is outside of the mesh
* the rig must be applied in right size and cannot be scaled
* incorrect speed parameters (of maneuver and normal speed) which are impossible to replicate in real life
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