VRayScatter For Maya 4.411

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VRayScatter For Maya 4.411

Post by anvar » Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:20 pm

Please note, updates do not require new activation, unless it prompts you.

New features:
  • support for Maya 2016.5
  • scattering vrscene, also its transform and animation (only work with V-Ray builds from 10.06.2016)
  • significant memory optimization
  • set max to 256 scatter objects
  • GPU rendering support (but no support for vrayscatter texture and interactive viewport update)
  • info texture
  • mirror randomization
  • environment variable ICUBE_DEBUG when setup to 1 will produce more information in output window for troubleshooting
  • scattering on curve
  • over 100 various fixes and improvements


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